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We have tried to cover below the questions which consumers will frequently ask, this is a dynamic list and will be added to everytime a new question is raised with us.

Who will deal with my claims?         

We will handle all claims on behalf of the consumer and refer the claim to the installer where appropriate

Who are the insurers?                  

Guarantee Protection Insurance Ltd specialise in warranties for the construction sector, AmTrust Europe are a leading Insurer of legal expenses, both companies are UK registered and FSA Authorised and regulated

How long will the policy last?

The policy can be bought for either 6 or 10 years, however the we will only provide product warranty for the period provide by the manufacturers

Can I extend the policy?

We will give the consumer the opportunity to renew the policy on an annual basis a month before the original policy expires

If my installation costs more than £20,000 can I still be covered?

Nearly all residential systems will be below £20,000 in value, if your system is more than this we can cover you under a different policy, contact us for details

What if my deposit is greater than £5,000, can I get extra cover?

Under this policy the maximum deposit amount is £5,000, we do not provide cover above this amount

In the event of my roof leaking who would rectify the situation?

We will deal with the installer on your behalf to arrange rectification

Who will maintain the solar panels/ installation & Electrical equipment?

The system will require very little maintenance and should any be required your installer will need to be contacted

If the installers don’t fit my PV units properly will you sort this out for me?

We will deal with the installer on your behalf

Would the installation be inspected and signed off?

Not by ourselves, when the system is completed the installer test the system and provide you with an installation confirmation document

If the installer goes bankrupt will my warranty still be valid?

Yes, our policy is designed for this type of occurrence

Can any brand/ make of PV unit be covered under the warranty?

We have an approved list of equipment, this is constantly being reviewed and updated so we cover as many manufacturers as possible

How is the policy priced? Is it on the value of my PV units?

The policy is priced based on the length of cover required, we limit the system output to 4kw and Project Value of £20,000